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Fauna box - 20 L
Fauna box - 20 L

Fauna box - 20 L

The Fauna Box 20L provides a spacious environment for transporting and caring for aquatic pets and amphibians. Made from clear plastic, this 20-liter terrarium allows for easy observation and monitoring of your pets.

This terrarium is not only perfect for safe transportation but also serves as an effective temporary nursery for sick or young animals. It provides a controlled environment that supports the health and growth of vulnerable pets.

The lid of the Fauna Box 20L is designed with your convenience in mind. It includes a small, easy-to-access door for quick interactions and feeding, along with ample ventilation holes to ensure a steady flow of fresh air. This setup helps maintain an optimal climate within the terrarium while making it simple to care for the inhabitants.

Available colours
Transparent terrarium
Made from durable, lightweight plastic
Lid features a ventilation opening and an easy-to-access door
Simple to open and close, facilitating effortless maintenance
Ideal for transporting or providing care to sick or young animals
Capacity of 20 liters, perfect for small pets
41 cm
23 cm
29 cm
Pieces/box: 2