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Aqua Smile - 6 L
Aqua Smile - 6 L

Aqua Smile - 6 L

The Aqua Smile 6L offers a fantastic introduction to the world of aquatic pets. This compact and transparent aquarium is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it perfect for anyone new to fishkeeping. Its 6-liter capacity is ideal for small fish and other aquatic animals, providing a safe and manageable environment for beginners.

This aquarium is particularly user-friendly, featuring a lid with ventilation holes and an easy-access door. These features ensure that maintaining your aquarium is straightforward, from feeding your fish to cleaning the tank. The simple design allows first-time fish owners to manage their aquatic environment with confidence.

Not only is the Aqua Smile 6L ideal for housing fish, but it can also serve as a temporary nursery for sick or young animals. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for those looking to expand their knowledge and experience in fish care gradually.

Available colours
Transparent aquarium
Designed for easy setup and maintenance, perfect for beginners
Compact size suitable for small spaces and easy placement
Includes a ventilated lid with an easy-access door for straightforward care
Ideal for small fish and temporary care of young or sick animals
Capacity: 6 L
30 cm
20 cm
23 cm
Pieces/box: 6