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Fauna box - 1,5 L
Fauna box - 1,5 L

Fauna box - 1,5 L

The Fauna Box offers a clear, plastic terrarium with a 1.5-liter capacity, specifically designed to facilitate the safe transport of small fish and amphibians. Its transparent structure allows you to monitor your pets easily and ensures they remain calm during transport.

This terrarium is not just for transport; it also serves as an excellent temporary nursery for sick or young animals, providing a secure environment that aids in their recovery or development.

The lid of the Fauna Box is crafted for functionality, with a small, easy-access door and multiple ventilation holes. This design ensures a fresh air supply while making it straightforward to feed or interact with the animals without removing the entire lid.

Available colours
Transparent terrarium
Made from durable, lightweight plastic
Lid features a ventilation opening and an easy-to-access door
Simple to open and close, facilitating effortless maintenance
Ideal for transporting or providing care to sick or young animals
Compact capacity of 2.6 liters, perfect for small pets
17.5 cm
11.5 cm
13 cm
Pieces/box: 48