Leo Toilet Home in Warm Grey - Spacious and Stylish Solution for Larger Cats
Leo Toilet Home in Warm Grey - Spacious and Stylish Solution for Larger Cats

Leo toilet home - warm grey

Introduce your pets to the Leo Toilet Home in warm grey, an extra-large, hooded toilet home ideal for larger cats or households with multiple felines. With its sleek white top and warm grey base, the Leo not only offers a private and spacious area for your cats but also serves as an attractive addition to your home décor.

Equipped with a practical handle, the Leo toilet home is easy to carry around your home as needed. A replaceable carbon filter effectively traps and neutralizes unpleasant odours, ensuring your living space remains fresh. The unique transparent flap door provides your cats easy access while keeping the contents discreetly hidden.

Maximize the utility and hygiene of the Leo toilet home with the Bag it Up Jumbo litter tray liners, designed to fit perfectly and make cleanup a breeze. Additionally, the Litter Tray Mat Nestor Jumbo is an excellent choice for keeping the area around the toilet home clean, capturing litter from your cat’s paws as they exit.

Opt for the Leo toilet home in warm grey for its combination of size, style, and functionality. Whether you have one large cat or several furry friends, this toilet home offers a generous space for their needs, equipped with features that simplify pet care and enhance living spaces.

Available colours
Spacious toilet for larger or multiple cats
Practical handle facilitates easy relocation
Replaceable carbon filter neutralizes odours effectively
Transparent door allows for easy cat monitoring and access
Designed for use with Bag it Up Jumbo for optimal cleanliness
Pair with the Litter Tray Mat Nestor Jumbo for clean area around the tray
64 cm
46 cm
45 cm
Pieces/box: 4