Reina Sift toilet home
Reina Sift toilet home
Reina sift warm grey with cat
reina warm grey + mat
Reina Sift toilet home
Reina Sift toilet home
Reina sift warm grey with cat
reina warm grey + mat

Reina Sift toilet home

Introducing the Reina Sift in modern warm grey, tailored for larger breeds or homes with multiple cats. This toilet’s modern and spacious design not only provides ample room for your feline friends but also complements any interior decor, making it a functional and stylish addition to your home.

Equipped with an advanced sieving system, the Reina Sift features two lower trays and a sieve that make separating waste from clean litter a breeze. The 10 mm openings allow for efficient sifting, reducing waste and ensuring economical use of litter.

A built-in carbon filter effectively neutralizes unpleasant odours, keeping your living space fresh and inviting. Stability during use is guaranteed by extra-large clips that secure the trays and sieve together, even during transportation. The ergonomic handle facilitates easy relocation of the unit whenever necessary.

The transparent flap door provides privacy for your cat while allowing light to enter, creating a welcoming environment. A high back panel prevents leakage, especially accommodating for cats that stand while urinating.

Choose the Reina Sift toilet home for its superior functionality and elegant design. It’s more than just a toilet; it’s a sophisticated solution that meets the high standards of modern pet owners, ensuring your cat enjoys the utmost comfort and cleanliness.

Available colours
Spacious toilet home suitable for larger or multiple cats
Unique sieve system simplifies cleaning and increases litter efficiency
Dual trays and a sieve for easy and hygienic litter separation
Carbon filter integrates for superior odour control
Ergonomic handle and secure clips for easy handling and stability
Compatible with both fine and coarse clumping cat litter
Transparent swing door for extra privacy
Modern warm grey colour
64 cm
46 cm
48 cm
Pieces/box: 3