Milestone in sustainability

🌿 A milestone in sustainability: Savic at the opening of Kortrijk’s Circular Training Factory 🌿


Yesterday, we were thrilled to attend the grand opening of Kortrijk’s circular ‘Training Factory,’ a €2.5M initiative by PlastIQ, POM West-Vlaanderen, and VDAB. This cutting-edge facility is now the Benelux’s most advanced plastics training center.


🤝 Strengthening our partnership with PlastIQ, we explored the latest in machine controls and discussed expanding our collaboration.


🌱 The event showcased new technologies, engaging demos, and a panel discussion on future challenges, emphasizing the industry’s move towards digitalization, robotization, and circularity.


🚴‍♂️ Cycling legend Sven Nys regaled us with anecdotes, highlighting the common ground between top-level sports, training, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


We’re excited for the future and look forward to forging new plans in this dynamic sector.


Posted on: 25 October 2023