Volcano drinking fountain

Art.no A0331
    • drinking fountain for cats and dogs, with 2.5L capacity
    • modern high-quality design
    • made of high-quality materials
    • recommended by vets
    • good for your pet’s health: the bubbling water encourages your pet to drink - lower risk of kidney and bladder problems
    • continuous recirculation ensures oxygen-rich water
    • with carbon filter (one included): ensures that dirt is filtered before the water is pumped up and also adds a pleasant taste to the water
    • non-slip rim for stability and firmness
    • textured surface to ensure that whiskers are not irritated
    • no splashing water – water runs off nicely
    • easy to clean, dishwasher safe (except pump and filter)
    • safe to use, 12 V ~50 Hz and quiet
    • with integrated grips – fountain can easily be moved
    • when not in use, no water remains on the upper part