Hop In top entry litter tray - Tuscan red

Introduce a touch of warm tuscan red to your home with the Hop In top-entry litter tray, blending superior functionality with contemporary design. This tray is especially suited for cats with unique litter behaviors such as standing while urinating, peeing backwards, or scattering litter.

The Hop In features raised sides that prevent litter, liquid, and dirt from escaping the tray, ensuring your floors stay clean. The top entry design is perfect for households with both cats and dogs, as it keeps the litter contents out of reach from dogs and prevents them from accessing the tray.

A key feature of the Hop In is its perforated, slightly sloping lid. As your cat exits the tray, any litter stuck on their paws falls through the small holes back into the tray, significantly reducing cleanup around the litter area.

The large opening in the lid provides easy access and is spacious enough for larger cats, enhancing comfort during use. For maintenance, the top lid can be easily hung up, allowing for efficient scooping of waste. Integrated handles in the base make it easy to move and empty the tray when necessary.

Equip the Hop In with our Bag it Up Hop In litter tray bags (art. no: A3354) for hassle-free cleaning. These liners help prevent urine scale and control odours, extending the life of the tray and ensuring a fresher home environment.

For an effective use of space, place the Hop In in a corner. This strategic placement encourages your cat to walk on the perforated lid, allowing excess litter to fall back into the tray before they jump down, keeping your space tidy.

Available colours
Modern top entry cat litter tray
Ideal for cats that stand to pee, pee backwards or like to scatter
Recommended for cat- and dog owners because raised sides keep content of litter outside of your dog's reach
Litter on your cat's paws fall back down through the holes on the lid when leaving the Hop In
Clean & tidy area around the tray: raised sides keeps litter, liquid and dirt inside
Raised sides also ensures that litter, liquid and dirt remain inside the tray
Easy cleaning, top lid can be hung up for scooping out waste
Integrated handles and handy hook for scoop (not included)
Recommended for easy maintenance and extended lifetime of the tray: litter tray bags Bag it Up Hop In (art. nr.: A3354)
Tip & trick: place Hop In in a corner, space-saving
Warm tuscan red base with soft champagne pink top lid
58,5 cm
39 cm
39,5 cm
Pieces/box: 4