Trotter 1 pet carrier - tuscan red
Trotter 1 pet carrier - tuscan red
Trotter 1 pet carrier - tuscan red
Trotter 1 pet carrier - tuscan red

Trotter 1 pet carrier - Tuscan red

Introducing the Trotter 1 pet carrier, the ultimate travel companion for your cat or small dog. This carrier features a modern shape with a soft champagne pink and a warm Tuscan red base, blending functionality with style to ensure your pet travels in comfort and safety. Recommended for pets weighing up to 5 kg, the Trotter 1 is perfect for both short trips and long journeys.

The Trotter 1 is equipped with a coated metal wire front door that offers both security and visibility, keeping your pet safe while allowing them to look out. The sturdy handle makes it easy to transport your pet by car, boat, train, or plane, ensuring you can move with ease no matter the mode of transportation.

Engineered with ample ventilation slots, the Trotter 1 ensures that there is sufficient air circulation inside the carrier. This feature is crucial for maintaining your pet’s comfort and reducing stress during travel, making every journey more enjoyable for your furry friend.

This pet carrier is designed to meet IATA standards, making it suitable for airline travel. Its robust design and secure door mechanism provide peace of mind when transporting your pet over long distances, ensuring they remain safe and comfortable.

Choose the Trotter 1 pet carrier for a reliable, stylish, and practical solution to your pet travel needs. Whether heading to the vet or embarking on a longer journey, this carrier ensures that your pet travels in the utmost comfort and safety.

Available colours
Modern-shaped pet carrier
Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 5 kg
Coated metal wire door enhances safety and provides visibility
Equipped with a handle for easy carrying
Ample ventilation slots ensure maximum air circulation
Meets IATA standards for airline compatibility
Ideal for travelling by car, boat, train and plane
Soft champagne pink upper part and warm Tuscan red base
49 cm
33 cm
30 cm
Pieces/box: 3