Iriz 42 cm + rim litter tray - Tuscan red

Embrace both style and functionality with the Iriz litter tray, now available in an attractive Tuscan red. This model features a removable rim for enhanced cleanliness and ease of use.

The removable rim, embellished with a charming cat paw pattern, effectively contains litter within the tray, minimizing scatter and keeping your space clean. This feature ensures that the area surrounding the tray remains tidy.

The tray is designed with a low entry height, making it accessible to cats of all ages and abilities, including kittens, senior cats, or those with mobility issues.

To maximize cleanliness and prolong the life of the litter tray, use our Bag it Up Medium litter tray bags ( A3350). These bags help prevent urine sediment and control odours, simplifying your cleaning routine.

To further maintain cleanliness around the Iriz, pair it with the Litter Tray Mat Standard ( A2011). This mat removes litter from your cat’s paws as they exit, keeping your floors cleaner.

Available colours
Litter tray with removable rim
Low entrance for easy access
Rim prevents litter from scattering
Suitable for younger, older, and ill cats
Recommended for easy maintenance and extended lifetime of the tray: Bag it Up Medium ( A3350)
For a clean & tidy environment, use Litter Tray Mat Standard ( A2011)
Attractive Tuscan red base with soft champagne pink rim
42 cm
31 cm
12,5 cm
Pieces/box: 6