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0127 Fauna box low 18 l
0127 Fauna box low 18 l

Fauna box low

The Fauna Box Low offers an 18-liter capacity in a transparent, plastic terrarium, making it ideal for safely transporting fish and amphibians. Its clear construction allows for easy monitoring of your pets, ensuring their well-being during transport.

This terrarium doubles as a temporary nursery for sick or young animals, providing a secure and controlled environment that facilitates recovery and growth. Its low-profile design makes it accessible and convenient for a variety of uses.

The lid of the Fauna Box Low is equipped with an easy-access plastic door, simplifying the process of interacting with or feeding the terrarium’s inhabitants. It also features multiple ventilation holes to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air, crucial for maintaining optimal health conditions inside the terrarium.

Available colours
Transparent terrarium
Made from durable, lightweight plastic
Lid features a ventilation opening and an easy-to-access door
Simple to open and close, facilitating effortless maintenance
Ideal for transporting or providing care to sick or young animals
Capacity: 18 L
50.5 cm
30.5 cm
18 cm
Pieces/box: 3