Small animals

5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (1)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (4)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (3)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (2)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (1)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (4)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (3)
5351 1111 Cubix 200 Corner (2)

Cubix Corner small animal home

Looking for a small animal home that neatly fits into the corner of your room and still looks good? Discover our Cubix Corner: a smart, space-saving choice that enhances any room. Its unique L-shaped design is perfect for corner placement, maximizing your living space without sacrificing style.

The Cubix Corner not only adds a touch of modern elegance but also supports environmental sustainability thanks to the black base made of recycled materials. Despite its compact footprint, the Cubix Corner is spacious enough for your pet's needs, with generous dimensions of 148/100 cm in length, 50 cm in depth, and 63.5 cm in height. This ensures your furry friend has plenty of room to stretch, play, and relax in comfort.

The Cubix Corner features 2 large doors that can be flexibly positioned to suit your needs. On top (left or right) or front (left).

Ease of use was also in mind: setting it up is easy, no tools are required. And with extras like two platforms, feeding bowls, and a hay rack, your pet has everything it needs in a comfortable environment.

Choose for the Cubix Corner and give your pet a happy place in your life and interior.

The indication for which animal the product is suitable is based on our local guidelines and does not have any binding value. Please check your country’s animal welfare guidelines to find out more about their recommendations

Available colours
Small animal home with innovative L-shape design
Fits perfectly into room corners, offering a unique space-saving solution
Accessories include: 2 platforms, 2 feeding bowls, and a hay rack for a complete pet environment
Flexible placement of door panels: top (left or right) or front (left)
Optimal comfort for small pets: Ensures a spacious and secure area for pets to play, relax, and observe
Tool-free assembly: Quick and easy to set up without needing any tools
Base is made from 100 % recycled materials
Packed per single unit, reduced transport volume
Wire distance: 25,6 mm
148/100 cm
50 cm
63,5 cm
Pieces/box: 1