Small animals

5350 1149 Cubix 200 (1)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (2)
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5350 1149 Cubix 200 (4)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (1)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (2)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (3)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (4)

Cubix 200 small animal home

Introducing the Cubix 200, a uniquely large and thoughtfully designed living space for small pets. Spanning an impressive 2 meters in length, 50 cm in depth, and 63.5 cm in height, this home offers an abundance of space that exceeds the dimensions of standard small pet cages. The ample room not only allows your pets to move freely but also accommodates multiple pets comfortably, ensuring they stay active and happy.

Ease of access is a priority with the Cubix 200, which features doors that can be installed at the top, front, left, or right of the cage. This flexibility in door placement enhances the ease of interacting with your pets, whether for feeding, cleaning, or socializing, making pet care both convenient and enjoyable.

The Cubix 200 is designed for quick and easy assembly without the need for tools, which means you can set up a comfortable habitat for your pets in no time. It comes equipped with two platforms, two feeding bowls, and a hay rack—all the essentials for a cozy and complete home. These features ensure that every aspect of your pets' needs is catered to, from dining to play and relaxation.

Opt for the Cubix 200 small animal home to give your pets the space, comfort, and style they deserve. With its expansive size and comprehensive features, it's the perfect choice for pet owners who want the best for their small companions.

Available colours
2 meter long small animal home
Accessories include 2 platforms, 2 feeding bowls, and a hay rack for a complete pet environment
Flexible placement of door panels: top (left or right) or front (left or right)
With a length of 2 meter, the Cubix 200 offers a remarkably spacious environment for small pets
Ensures a spacious and secure area for pets to play, relax, and observe.
Tool-free assembly: Quick and easy to set up without needing any tools
Packed per single unit, reduced transport volume
Wire distance: 25,6 mm
200 cm
50 cm
63,5 cm
Pieces/box: 1