Small animals

5350 1149 Cubix 200 (1)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (2)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (3)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (4)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (1)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (2)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (3)
5350 1149 Cubix 200 (4)

Cubix 200 small animal home

Meet the Cubix 200, a special and large living space for small pets. It's designed to give lots of room, style, and convenience. It’s a real, practical solution for your pets' happiness, without overdoing it.

The Cubix 200 is really wide, offering a lot of space for your pets. It's 2 meter long, 50 cm deep, and 63.5 cm high. This is much bigger than many small pet cages.
Your pet's ease of getting in and out is important. The Cubix 200 has doors you can put at the top, front, left, or right. This makes looking after your pet easy and flexible.

Setting up the Cubix 200 is quick and doesn't need any tools. The Cubix 200 comes with everything your pets need for comfort. It has two platforms, two feeding bowls, and a hay rack. This makes sure your pets have a cozy and complete home.

With Cubix 200, we're committed to making great products that really improve your pet's life and fit well in your home. We know your pets are part of your family and deserve the best.

Available colours
2 meter long small animal home
Accessories include: 2 platforms, 2 feeding bowls, and a hay rack for a complete pet environment
Flexible placement of door panels: top (left or right) or front (left or right)
Exceptional size: With a length of 2 meter, the Cubix 200 offers a remarkably spacious environment for small pets
Optimal comfort for small pets: Ensures a spacious and secure area for pets to play, relax, and observe.
Tool-free assembly: Quick and easy to set up without needing any tools
Packed per single unit, reduced transport volume
Wire distance: 25,6 mm
200 cm
50 cm
63,5 cm
Pieces/box: 1