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0134 BIOSET-1
0134 BIOSET-1


Introducing Bioset, the ideal solution for sprouting seeds and grains right in your own kitchen. With Bioset, you can cultivate freshly sprouted seeds, packed with vitamins and minerals. This quick turnaround allows you to enjoy the freshest ingredients for your meals.

Our advanced germinator is designed with a misting effect that maintains optimal humidity levels, essential for perfect sprout growth. Simply fill the top tray with water once a day, and the Bioset takes care of the rest, ensuring your sprouts receive the right amount of moisture without constant attention.

Constructed from high-quality, food-safe materials, Bioset offers both durability and safety, making it an excellent choice for both enthusiastic gardeners and professional chefs. Its robust design ensures that you can continue to produce fresh sprouts reliably year after year.

Available colours
Germinates seeds and grains effectively, producing fresh sprouts
Utilizes an advanced misting effect to maintain optimal humidity
Made from high-quality, food-safe materials for safety and durability
Versatile enough for both home gardeners and professional chefs
15 cm
15 cm
21 cm
Pieces/box: 3