Happy planet

Happy Planet
for owner and pet

The best for our pets and our planet, combined with a second life for plastic waste. With an eye
for design and ease of use. Now that’s everyday comfort and a heart for the environment in one.
Discover Happy Planet and help build a sustainable world.

Less waste, more joy

Sustainable business practice means producing efficiently and guaranteeing a long lifespan. And there’s more. With plastic waste made from postconsumer & post-industrial material, Savic actively contributes to a circular economy and to a sustainable world. The plastic products we throw away as a society every day are now given a new lease of life as modern products for pets. It’s recycling at its best.

Goal-oriented commitment

Decisive and ambitious. When we want something, we go for it. And together we stand strong. As member of the EU Circular Plastics Alliance, Savic is working towards a clear-cut goal. It is vital that, by 2025, 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic is traded on the European market. These aren’t just words, but a concrete commitment to do our bit for a Happy Planet. Affirmed with our signature.

Inspired by nature

By using post-consumer material, we can reduce the impact on nature. Our colour palette of Happy Planet is inspired by this goal. Soft greens and browns set the tone. Recognisable design with a fresh look. Create tranquillity, for you and for the planet.

Keep the circle going

Add strength to our sustainability promise and say ‘yes’ to a circular world. All products in the Happy Planet range are fully recyclable after their usable life. This way you help to keep our mission alive.
The planet thanks you – and so do we.

We give new life to
plastic waste

We give new life to plastic waste!