Keep your dog fresh and clean!

Keep your dog fresh and clean with the Refresh'R grooming wipes. It’s the microbes in the pet’s coat, which create bad odours. Overcome the microbes and you overcome the smell.

Many dogs have the habit of rolling in unpleasant messes. The Refresh'R grooming wipes for dogs are an effective way of removing gross contamination and then cleaning any residual bacteria. The wipes contain Byotrol, an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient, which will kill 99.99 % of the germs, fungi and viruses under 30 seconds.

The grooming wipes are also effective against wet dog smell. Wet dog smell is caused by odour molecules attaching themselves to water particles as they radiate into the air. The Refresh'R wipes help eliminating the microbes at source while they are trapped against your the dog's skin.

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