How to toilet train your puppy?

With the Puppy Trainer products you can toilet train your puppy in a clean and easy way.

This unique range of products consists of a trainer spray (to stimulate the puppy’s natural instincts), a starter kit (tray + 7 pads) and refill bags with super absorbent pads. As these come in 3 different sizes they meet the needs of all sizes of dog breeds.

In order to increase the practical use of Puppy Trainer, there are refill bags of the pads available from 15 to 100 pads. Recently Savic has introduced jumbo packs of 100 pads in medium and large sizes, mainly for pet owners who live far away from their pet store.  Furthermore the pads can also be used as a toilet area for ill or old dogs and dogs confined indoors.

Do you want to get your puppy toilet trained as soon as possible? The Puppy Trainer products offer the best solution for every dog, small or large.

How to train your puppy?

1) Place the tray
• Choose the most comfortable place for your puppy
   (far away from its sleeping area, food or water).
• Moisten the pad with the Puppy Trainer spray
• This stimulates your puppy’s natural instincts to use the pad as a toilet area.

2) Place the puppy
• Place the puppy on the pad after feeding and/or drinking.
• Leave him there until he has done his business.
• Bring an impatient or agitated puppy immediately to the pad.

3) Guide the puppy
• Use a word or command that your puppy associates with his toilet habits.
• Give your puppy lots of praise when he has used the toilet.
• Toilet training your puppy requires some patience.

4) An accident?
• In case of an accident, scold your puppy lovingly but firmly.
• Clean the place immediately in order to avoid the stain and odour lingering, which would promote further bad habits, as puppies are creatures of habit.

5) After a while
• Move the pad closer to the front door after a few weeks.
• Place the pad outside when your dog is toilet trained.
• Replace the pad daily when you have 1 puppy/dog.