How to learn your Guinea Pig to trust you?

Guinea pigs are prey animals, which means their instinct tells them to be careful for predators. It can take a while before they trust their human companions fully.


There are a few things you can do to speed up this process. First of all, guinea pigs are very capable to learn basic language. They will learn to understand what each word means, if the owner uses them consequently. Each time when someone approaches the cage, they have to state what they are going to do. The pigs will know that they are not up for grabs each time someone comes close. Words like “hay, water, food, veggies, pellets, clean, petting, grabbing, come here, move over”, etc, are learned in a few weeks time if the owners remain consequent.  Guinea pigs can learn up to 20-30 commands easily. Some even up to 50, if you are lucky.


Second, offering small veggie treats will make them trust you more. Guinea pigs owners call those veggie bribes.


Third, if you offer them a different setting to play in every now and then, that will help too. A small cage will make them feel stressed and that adds to a bad health in the long run. At least one cage buddy is required, as they feel lonely without another Guinea pig.


Guinea pigs are such gentle and inquisitive, so their shyness will be transformed to love. Their love and trust even grows over the years. You will be amazed how much space they will take up in your hearts once they trust you.