How can I check if my cat looks healthy?

Thinking of buying a cat or you keep a cat. Here a some ground rules to check if your cat looks healthy.

A healthy cat will

  • have clean eyes, ears and tush
  • will not sneeze
  • will be lively and alert
  • will hava a shiny coat
  • will neither be too skinny,  nor too fat
  • will have been tested for FIV (feline immonuodeficiency virus - cat HIV) and FELV ( feline leukemia virus)
  • Pedigree cats: tested for hereditary diseases like HCM ( heart disease) and PKD ( polycystic kidney disease)


Savic has grooming and sensitive part wipes for cats to keep your cat clean and healthy. The wipes contain Byotrol, an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient