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Guinea pigs are prey animals, which means their instinct tells them to be careful for predators. It can take a while before they trust their human companions fully.  
World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October 4. On this day, we celebrate animal life in all its forms. Most people do not know why this date, October 4, is chosen as World Animal Day. The first World Animal Day The idea of World Animal Day started at the convention of ecologists in Florence. October 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.
1) A kitten should stay with its mother for 16 weeks This is also the earliest age at which kittens and mother go their own way in nature. The earlier a kitten is taken away from its mother, the more likely it is to have behavioural problems later.   2) Spaying/neutering your cat
When we mention the word “rat” most people’s skin crawls. We have a negative image of rats and a lot of prejudices. However, there are enormous differences between “wild” and “fancy” rats.
Dog crates are the ideal way for travelling and housetraining your dog. But dog crates can also be used for prevention and assistance in resolving behavioural problems. Finally, dog crates provide a secure and safe place to sleep.
Well, there are several possibilities, nobody knows the exact truth.  Some say that the animals were named after their selling price, because sailors at the time would sell them for one Guinea, a British coin. This theory has proven untrue, because they were named before the coins existed.  Pigs certainly don’t come from Guinea, but they might have been imported through there. The word "Guinea" was also frequently used to refer to exotic locations far away in the years that they appeared overseas.
Rabbits are better kept in a pair or group because rabbits are social animals and they really do feel loneliness, which can lead to health and behavioral problems such as apathy and aggression. Some people think they can replace that but nothing is better for a rabbit than a companion of their own sort.
Keep your dog fresh and clean with the Refresh'R grooming wipes. It’s the microbes in the pet’s coat, which create bad odours. Overcome the microbes and you overcome the smell.
Thinking of buying a cat or you keep a cat. Here a some ground rules to check if your cat looks healthy. A healthy cat will